2015 CCDR Pilot Projects Funded

Principal Investigator Project
Dr. Lisa Burry Melatonin for prevention of delirium in critically ill patients: A multi-centre, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled feasibility study.
Dr. Alan Davidson Anti-phage drug discovery: a novel alternative to antibiotics
Dr. Denis Grant Arylamine N-acetyltransferases as Novel Small-Molecule Drug Targets for Cancer Chemotherapy
Dr. Walid Houry Development of Novel Antibiotics Deregulating Bacterial Proteolysis
Dr. Beverley Orser Repurposing anesthetics for treatment of depression


2016 CCDR Pilot Projects Funded

Principal Investigator Project
Dr. Ian Crandall The Development of Bis Imidazolium Compounds as Anti-parasitic Drugs
Dr. Jose Nobrega Preclinical screening of prevention strategies for individuals at risk for schizophrenia
Dr. Sandy Pang Therapeutic Potential of 1α,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3, Active Ligand of the Vitamin D Receptor, by Transdermal Delivery
Dr. Walter Swardfeger Role of osteocalcin in mood and cognitive complications of type 2 diabetes


2015 CCDR Graduate Student Incentive Applications Funded

Supervisor Project
Dr. Jim Kennedy Effect of genetic and epigenetic differences in SKA2 on the
effectiveness of antidepressant treatment
Dr. Sandy Pang Role of vitamin D and cholesterol in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease
Dr. Peter Roy HTP screening of Streptomyces bacterial extracts to identify novel neuromodulators and therapeutics of human mental illness
Dr. Etienne Sibille Characterisation of the behavioural and biomolecular efficacy of α5GABAAR pharmacology as potential targets for the treatment of stress-related mood disorders including MDD


2016 CCDR Graduate Student Incentive Applications Funded

Supervisor Project
Dr. Bev Orser Probing the role of α2-drenergic receptor agonists in treating postanesthetic memory deficits
Dr. Leonardo Salmena Targeting INPP4B in leukemic stem cells: Developing a proof of concept mouse model for AML therapy.
Dr. Hong Shuo Sun Evaluation of TRPM7 Pharmacology as a New Drug Target for Brain Tumor
Dr. Lorraine Kalia An in vivo drug screen in C. elegans to investigate the rescue of alpha- synuclein aggregation
Dr. Trevor Moraes Identifying inhibitors of surface lipoprotein translocation
Dr. Shirley Wu Blood-brain barrier-crossing nanoparticles for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
Dr. Ana Andreazza The NLRP3 Inflammasome in Bipolar Disorder

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